Milk Coagulation Test

Asked January 23, 2014, 4:00 AM EST

Hi, what is the reason for coagulating the milk produced by my cows? I and the factory that buy my produced milk test the milk with 68 and 72 percent ethanol and unfortunately almost always it coagulates. Sometimes it is so intense that coagulation occurs with the milk that I directly milked from the cow's udder. And sometimes this coagulation occurs so severely that the sample divided to 3 or 4 large pieces. Please send me your guidance and I'm very thankful.

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The alcohol milk coagulation test was originally developed with the intention to determine the amount of bacteria in milk. The idea was that if milk coagulated when alcohol was added, that there was a high level of bacteria. However, research has shown that the coagulation of milk when alcohol is added is not directly correlated to the amount of bacteria present in milk, and even minerals in milk may cause the coagulation to occur when alcohol is added. Due to the inconsistent relationship between coagulation and bacteria levels, the alcohol coagulation test is not commonly used.