Gumming on stone fruit trees

Asked January 22, 2014, 5:42 PM EST

Last year this appeared in our home orchard on the cherry trees, and is now affecting peach/nectarines as well. Only the plums look unaffected. The trees are fairly young, 3-4 years, so still pruning quite a bit. We live 10 miles east of Sutherlin at 800 feet and trees are on a northeast downslope. We sliced off what we could, disinfecting the knife in between cuts, and sprayed today with a copper fungicide. What else can we do to save them? Thanks!

Douglas County Oregon

1 Response

You have done most everything that is recommended.

Pruning and a good copper or lime sulfur spray. I would spray again just before the buds break or start to show a bit of white or pink to really clean up the tree. With the warm weather that may be pretty quick with peaches/nectarines.

Drop by the Douglas County Extension office and pick up a spray guide; 1134 Douglas Street, Roseburg.