Asked January 22, 2014, 5:08 PM EST

I live in 76033 and love St Augustine but there are so many varieties. If I am planting from seed (plan on tilling my front yard) can you make a recommendation and tell me what to expect in terms of how long I will be looking at dirt.

Johnson County Texas

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St Augustine is slow to germinate (14-21 days) and can have poor germination rates. Sod or plugs may be a better alternative for quicker coverage.

Since you are tilling, I would encourage you to till in 1-2 inches of compost if that's practical (cost can be a limiting factor). research has shown pre-planting incorporation of compost increases the rate of establishment.

You may want to call your local office in Cleburne (817.556.6370) for infomation on what varieties are recommended for your part of Texas.