Terminating a special land use permit

Asked January 22, 2014, 1:25 PM EST

Property with a special land use permit has been sold and split or the property has been sold and the property is not being used as specified in the land use permit, can these permits be terminated by the land owner or township and if so how?

Tuscola County Michigan

1 Response

If there are not specific directions in the zoning ordinance how this is handled, then you are "amending the special use permit". The process is exactly the same as how you issue a special use permit in the first place: (application, revised site plan, send notices to everyone within 300 feet, hearing, deliberation and decision).

If the zoning ordinance has different directions then follow what the ordinance says. The ordinance may also include a process for terminating a special land use permit if it no longer meets the conditions established when the permit was issued.

A change in use with a new zoning permit would supersede the existing permit.