Software suggestion for farmers?

Asked January 19, 2014, 10:41 PM EST

My husband and I are new to farm ownership. Right now we farm about 400 acres, so we are small. We hope to grow in farming and into ranching. What bookkeeping software would you recommend?

Wichita County Texas

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The most popular bookkeeping software used by farmers and ranchers, as well as other small businesses, is QuickBooks. It is simple to get started and has a lot of support from other users due to its extreme popularity. Most accountants who work with farmers and ranchers are also familiar with the software. The negative aspect of QuickBooks for agricultural producers is that there is no good, easy way to track quantities of inputs and commodities on a per acre basis within the program. This limitation can be overcome using the built in link to Excel for further analysis. Many state Cooperative Extension Services, including Texas, have educational programs for helping producers keep better financial records using QuickBooks as well.