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Asked January 16, 2014, 11:32 PM EST

My Great Uncle had a apple tree that had huge apples in west Salem..( size was bigger than a King apple and it was a lighter green,it is gone now but he called it a Glorymonday. Have you heard of this tree? Or maybe that is what they called it, not knowing what it was since it was already there when they bought the property. Being as big as it was, I assume it was planted late 1800's.. Thanks

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A lot of these apple variety names are only known locally and can't be relied upon in identification. If you really want to know the variety of your apple I suggest you contact the Home Orchard Society, located in Tigard, OR. They have a festival that they put on in the fall they call the All About Fruit Show in which they have a booth for identifying apples. You should be prepared to bring in at least six apples of the variety you want ID, and as much info on the tree as you can get like when it blossoms, age of tree(approx), etc. They can be reached at www.homeorchardsociety.org