Need help with a new garden

Asked January 16, 2014, 4:53 PM EST

I'd like to put in a decorative garden, butter I'm overwhelmed. i have a raised be that it 14X5 feet. It gets full morning sun and shade after about 3pm. I know I want perennials that requires little daily care. By the then I get lost. What do I plant? WHEN do I plant? I've wanted to put in a garden for years now and each year I get frustrated and just let it go to weeds... I don't know that I'd like it taller in the back with purple coneflower and maybe Russian sage. But I don't know what to plant in front that is lower and hardy. If I could have suggestions with specific names Andrew time a to plant that would help so much!

Warren County Kentucky

1 Response

I would suggest looking at these publications for perennials that would grow well in your situation. You can pick from both the sunny perennials and shady perennials with few exceptions. I would also suggest that you contact Megan Bailey @ the Warren County Extension Office (270.842.1681) She will able able to help you pick more specific plants for your flower bed (And how to keep it low maintenance.