How can I get rid of fruit flies?

Asked January 16, 2014, 11:18 AM EST

I have fruit flies in my home and cannot get rid of them. They seemed to have developed on a houseplant. I've let the plant's soil dry out, but I still have fruit flies buzzing around in my kitchen. What can I do?

Warren County Ohio

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The number one thing to do - SANITATION! Take out the kitchen trash more often, keep all fruits/vegetables in the refrigerator until you are rid of them, etc. There are ideas and lists on our factsheets below. They also state you can use tape to find the breeding sites. How to use/make trap details are on the factsheet links as well. As they are usually in the kitchen, we do not recommend pesticides. Sanitation and trapping are your best bets. Just read the details in the links below.

Vinegar Flies (which is what most of us call 'fruit flies')

Other Flies