Plastic Recycling

Asked January 15, 2014, 4:20 PM EST

Are there any nurseries or companies that take the plastic growing containers/nursery trays to recycle? We are a small garden design company that wants to be 'greener' - we would like to find a place to take our plastic trays, grow pots from 4" up to 3G material, on a regular basis. Thanks!

Fulton County Georgia

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Sorry for the delay in responding. Griffin Greenhouse supply in Ballground recycles plastic for their customers. It would be with making a contact with them since you are in their service area.



I am sorry for a delay respond. I made a few calls to find out the best place to take this plastic and Todd is absolutely right, the only issue I see is that Ballground is to far away from the metro Atlanta area. There is a company from Alabama that is making business in Atlanta, the name is United Plastic Recycling the contact in GA is M r. Parker 334-207-5511. United Plastic Recycling take in consideration the type of plastic and G3 is in their list of materials along with number of dif. materials . If you are interested in contact him will be great.

730 Gladstone Rd NW
Atlanta, GA
(404) 351-5033

I hope this help