small drain flys

Asked January 13, 2014, 11:07 AM EST

We have small flies like fruit flies that seem to be coming out of our sink drain. How do we get rid of these pests?

Utah County Utah

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They could be drain flies or fruit flies. Proper ID is important as removing the breeding sites for these flies is the best method of control. Breeding sites are often easy to eliminate with a few simple steps. For fruit flies, consider discarding over-ripened fruit or storing it in the refrigerator. Seal recycling containers. If drain flies, clean gelatinous lining of pipes.

The University of Nebraska has a short publication on controlling several types of flies commonly found indoors which may be useful to you []. It has more information on how to deal with each of these flies. Because it is a Nebraska publication, chemical control recommendations may not be valid in Utah as each state's pesticide laws are different. In most cases if you remove breeding sites, you won't need chemical control anyway.