Best varieties of cherry or grape tomatoes for containers

Asked January 13, 2014, 10:36 AM EST

I have been growing tomatoes in containers for a few years now with some success, but I can't seem to get the right variety for our situation. I would like to know the best variety of cherry or grape tomato for my situation. I need something indeterminate and with the sweetest taste.

Also, what type of indeterminate beefsteak do you recommend? I bought a pack of generic type at WalMart last year.

Chesterfield County Virginia

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Thank you for your question about choosing the right variety of tomatoes to grow in containers. One excellent cherry tomato is Sweet 100, but it is a large plant that will require a container of at least 5-gallon size and support along a fence or from a substantial tomato cage. Alternatively, you can prune the plant as it outgrows your particular space. Being indeterminate, it will keep putting out new growth and setting new tomatoes for the entire season it remains healthy. Big Beef is a good choice of beefsteak type, and Big Boy is somewhat smaller but still a great tomato.

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