Bamboo in deck planters

Asked January 11, 2014, 7:17 PM EST

We would like to provide privacy on our raised deck and were thinking of planting bamboo in planters. Is that the best plant to choose? What size planter is needed?

Multnomah County Oregon horticulture

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Yes, bamboo would work. The kind of bamboo and size container will vary according to various details at the site, among them the desired ultimate plant height and the color of the stems and leaves. I suggest a clumping bamboo as it will be easier to maintain than the running sort. A nearby specialist grower is the Bamboo Garden in North Plains, Oregon.

You have numerous other options for creating privacy on your elevated deck. A rather simple wood lattice can be quite attractive and would certainly require less deck space than a row of potted plants.
Perhaps a vine planted in the ground adjacent to the deck and onto the lattice. If so,make certain the lattice screen is strong enough to bear the weight.

And consider speaking with the design departments at several of the larger local garden centers as they will have numerous suggestions. Consultations are priced according to your requirements, anything from a friendly discussion to a planting diagram with or without installation.