I have a bed bug problem. The professional pest control agent did not solve...

Asked January 8, 2014, 10:07 PM EST

I have a bed bug problem. The professional pest control agent did not solve the problem. I am presently living in a high-rise senior citizens complex. Have purchased my own spray and it is not working.

Baltimore Maryland

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Do-it-yourself with sprays won't fix the problem. While there are a number of things you can do to protect yourself in your residence, bed bug problems in multi-unit buildings need to be addressed building-wide. I suggest working with your property manager on finding a professional who specializes in bed bugs and follow the National Pest Management Association's best management practices for bed bug control.

Two publications you may find useful are:

There are a variety of ways to block bed bugs from your bed, including using double-sided tape or plastic barriers at the base of you bed frame to prevent bed bugs from crawling up. There are also covers you can get for your mattress and box spring that will seal bugs in (if that's where they're hiding) and seal them out (if they are not).

Bed bugs are very good at hiding in cracks and tight spaces so it can be difficult to find them. You can also vacuum up any bed bugs, but you need to then immediately seal the bag securely to discard. Any clothing, linens or luggage that may have bed bugs or their eggs should be run through the dryer on high for 45+ minutes. They can then be sealed in plastic bags to prevent reinfestation while you store them.