plant breeding

Asked January 7, 2014, 11:18 AM EST

a variety consists of a group of plants having the same genotype right?
so , under plant breeding , my books gives different types of hybridisations. one of them is intravarietal and other is intervarietal- intraspecific.
please can you explain how can intravarietal hybridisation be done? i am confused because i think if their genotypes are same then how am i going to form a hybrid using them?

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Think of the second type as intergeneric or interspecific hybridization instead of intravarietal hybridization. Plant hybridization can be of two types.

  • Intervarietal hybridization
  • Distant hybridization
Intervarietal HybridizationIn this type of hybridization, two parents from the same species (may be from two varieties, strains or races of the same species) are crossed.Single Cross HybridsResults from the cross between two pure bred lines and produces an F1 generation called an F1 hybrid (F1 is short for Filial 1, meaning “first offspring). The cross between two different homozygous lines produces an F1 hybrid that is heterozygous; having two alleles, one contributed by each parent and typically one is dominant and the other recessive. The F1 generation is also homogenous, producing offspring that are all similar to each other.Double Cross HybridsResult from the cross between two different F1 hybrids.Three-way Cross HybridsResult from the cross between one parent that is an F1 hybrid and the other is from an inbred line.Triple Cross HybridsResult from the crossing of two different three-way cross hybrids.Top Cross HybridsCross between inbred line and OPV.Distant Hybridization (Population hybrids)It includes
  • Intergeneric hybridization – crossing between parents from the two different genera
  • Interspecific hybridization – crossing between parents from two different species
General Procedure for Hybrid Production or HybridizationHybrid production or involves following main steps (i.e. steps in crossing).
  • Choice of parents
  • Evaluation or testing of parents
  • Protection of male parent
  • Emasculation
  • Bagging
  • Tagging
  • Pollination and bagging, tagging
  • Aftercare
  • Harvesting