Mold on carpet along baseboards

Asked January 5, 2014, 7:46 PM EST

Hi! Our house is only ten yrs old and pretty air tight. In several bedrooms we have a blackish mold growing on/in the carpet along the baseboards (but not on the baseboards). It only comes out 2-3 inches from the base boards. So, I'm wondering......, 1) will over the counter mold killer/preventative get rid of it? 2) What do you recommend using to get rid of the grey stain? We plan on getting a dehumidifier and using the bathroom fans more often. Thank you!!

Clatsop County Oregon

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If there is mold growth it is a sign of excess moisture. It is interesting that it is on the carpet but not the walls. First, I would suggest attempting to locate the source of moisture. If the moisture is not controlled, all your efforts to clean up will have to be repeated. While it may be just from living in an airtight house with little ventilation, it may also be coming from under the house and being absorbed through the floor. Do you know the condition of the crawl space , is there a vapor barrier? Is there standing water around the outside of the house?

Carefully cleaning the carpets and then fully drying them should help. There are stain removal products for carpets, but check the labels for their effectiveness on mold.

Here are more details on preventing and managing mold.

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