Balanced Equine nutrition

Asked January 2, 2014, 11:51 PM EST

We are dealing with some very poor quality hay in our area, along with a severe shortage. We have implemented a barley fodder feeding program which is helping the horses gain weight very nicely, and winter has been extremely harsh so far! What I'm wondering, is if anyone would be willing to help us ensure we are feeding adequate and balanced amounts of hay, fodder, and grain to ensure the best nutrition possible for our horses. I would fax or scan the analyses of the hay and fodder. The tests were completed by a nationally known and respected lab. Just want what is best for our horses.

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I'd be glad to take a look at the analysis. What does your entire feeding program consist of? In order to best help you, I'll need to know what type of horses you are feeding (age, level of work/exercise, etc.) and what your feeding program consists of ( how much grain/hay is each horse getting, what does your grain ration look like, are you using any supplements). Email is best for me, I cover 7 counties and move around a lot! You can reach me at