Do deer have to eat my bushes?

Asked January 2, 2014, 3:49 PM EST

I'm looking for a replacement for some Vitae Arborvitae that the deer won't leave alone.
They've been eating them due to no acorns this year.

I need something that will grow to 8-16 ft tall.
Maybe a spread of 4-6 ft.
Partial sun/shade. There is an Oak that shades this area till afternoon.

They are to be a privacy fence between us and a neighboring house.
We are in Washburn County, Wisconsin. Zone 3/4

Washburn County Wisconsin

1 Response

The question as to whether deer have to eat a certain plant over another is dependent on the level of free-will and cognitive decision making you believe deer to have. I don't think deer ponder decisions the way humans do. They simply eat what they prefer because it is available. So from my perspective, if a deer thinks your plants are better and/or more available than other plants, it "has" to eat your plants.

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