Going from grass to row crops naturally

Asked December 29, 2013, 6:08 PM EST

I've taken on a large community gardening permaculture project where I'll be establishing a greenhouse and outside crops on half acre of land. This will be an organic, no till, sustainable venture. The land is grass and I need advice on going from grass to row crops naturally starting now, hoping to start growing in May. Techniques I've seen are cardboard under mulch and straw under manure compost. If I scrape the top layer off, how will that affect the biology of the soil in which I will plant? I will compost the grass. Another idea I've heard of is scraping the sod up and turning it upside down with mulch on top for the winter. Ideas welcome. Thank you, Greg. p.s. Property owner won't allow goats ;(

Washington County Oregon

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I believe your question will be best answered by an extension agent. Please contact Chip Bubl in Columbia County, Oregon, at Chip.Bubl@oregonstate.edu or phone 503-397-3462 on weekdays.

Good luck with your project.