Feeding and liming at the same time

Asked December 27, 2013, 8:22 PM EST

Hi, I'm planning my raised bed veggie gardens for next spring and is is ok to add 16-16-16 and lime at the same time?

Benton County Oregon

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Hello, I am happy to answer your question. Lime is best applied in the fall or early spring. It is slow acting and therefore should be applied in advance of planting to give it time to work. Since it should be worked into the soil I prefer the fall as my garden soils are not yet soaked and the soil can be worked more easily. Winter rains dissolve it over time. Nitrogen products are best applied to garden soils 3-6 weeks before rapid vegetative growth begins. This is usually at the time of seeding or when planting your starts. Could you apply them at the same time? Yes, however I recommend lime in the fall or early spring and the Nitrogen later just before your plants need it. If you add nitrogen in the fall or early spring there will not be plants to utilize it and it will wash out of the soils with the rain. You did not mention if this was a new vegetable garden or an established one. If you have been using it for several years I recommend a soil test prior to selection of a fertilizer. You mentioned using 16-16-16. Phosphorus and Potassium are not as mobile in the clay soils of the Willamette Valley as Nitrogen. You may already have enough Phosphorus and Potassium in your soil. A soil test will tell you if they should be added along with the Nitrogen.