My neighbor has contracted with a tree company to take down a 70' pine that...

Asked December 27, 2013, 9:52 AM EST

My neighbor has contracted with a tree company to take down a 70' pine that is about 1 1/2 feet behind a fence dividing our property. The tree company has alerted me to possibility of limbs falling into my yard and asked my permission to pick them up. How do I or the tree company protect an expensive small green maple about 3' high and other shrubs just under the branch of this pine while the work is being done? When I asked the tree company they said nothing could be done. Last year limbs from the pine nearly destroyed the maple nearly slicing it in half. The neighbor has not been responsive in the past when her trees fell on my house and has been very distant and unfriendly to any entreaties to share costs when her trees or any of her bamboo has caused problems. Thank you. I will await your response.

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We apologize that we did not answer your question sooner but our office has been closed for a week over the holiday break.
Certainly speaking with the representative from the tree company to alert them about your concern was a good idea. But if you want the protect the tree you would need to build some type of enclosure around it using wooden stakes and wire. Tree companies encounter this situation often and it is certainly worth their while to do everything in their control to prevent damage to surrounding properties.