What if age=19 and not a dependent?

Asked December 23, 2013, 10:26 PM EST

I'm the aunt of a 19 yr old boy, in college, who lives with his parents who do not claim him on their taxes. I want him to have insurance and I can pay for it, but his income is officially zero and he lives at home. Can he get health insurance at age 19, with zero income of his own? Please don't suggest his parents apply for a family plan because they simply can't afford it based on their household business income, and do NOT qualify for subsidies although they are struggling. Thanks.

New Castle County Delaware

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Please contact www.healthcare.gov immediately and live chat this question to an assister. The deadline for enrollment has been extended by only 24 hours. You can also contact the Marketplace call center at 1-800-318-2596 (available 24/7; closed December 25).

An independent 19 year old with no income and not claimed as a dependent on anyone else's taxes may qualify for Medicaid - depending on his or her owned assets - or may purchase insurance through the Marketplace, or perhaps may have a low cost college-based plan as an option (contact student services at the institution). The Marketplace, available online and at the toll free number provided, closes at midnight tonight. Apply for Medicaid in person through the local health department. Best of luck to you in helping your nephew.

Thank you for your clear and thoughtful response.

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