Cherry rootstocks in North Texas (Blackland Prairie)

Asked December 20, 2013, 8:04 PM EST

I am currently growing 2 Royal Lee cherry trees on Mazzard rootstock in Zone 15 of North Texas. This is commonly referred to as the Blackland Prairie. The trees are growing really well. However, I tried to grow Minnie Royals also on Mazzard rootstock and they only last a few months of the year then die. I'm considering purchasing more Minnie Royal cherries, one on Colt rootstock and one on Citation rootstock, but am concerned that the alkalinity of our soil will kill them both. The strange thing is that the Royal Lees are growing well.

Any ideas on how I can get Minnie Royals to grow here? I live in Plano, TX.

Collin County Texas

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I am not aware of any recommend cherry tree root stocks or scions for Texas. It is my understanding that cherry trees are not adapted to our climate and may explain why you are having difficultly. In addition the high alkalinity of our soil can be a major limiting factor in the growth and success of many types of plants.

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Hmm... Well, I might have been mistaken on the rootstock of the Royal Lees I posted previously. They are on Colt rootstock, I believe, and they are thriving. They were 2 years old when I bought them and have been in the ground now for their 2nd winter here in Collin county. They are growing very well. I think the problem with the Minnie Royals is the Mazzard rootstock. I'm currently going to try my luck with Minnie Royals on Colt rootstock and will see how those do.

But yes, there are now cherries that are adapted to our climate here in Texas. Finding the best rootstock per tree is the challenge.

And thanks for your response.