I have an 'Aristocrat' Callery pear tree that was planted in 1994. Is there...

Asked December 18, 2013, 8:35 PM EST

I have an 'Aristocrat' Callery pear tree that was planted in 1994. Is there is any way to limit the output of the fruit? The tree is adjacent to our driveway and at this time of the year, birds are making a mess on our cars.

Baltimore County Maryland

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There is only one product that we know of that is marketed for fruit suppression. Do a little research on 'Florel'. This product is a growth regulator which is typically sprayed on the target tree/plant when in full flower and before fruit production begins.

Alternatively, you could consider removing the tree altogether. The birds are doing much more than simply making a mess on your cars. They are planting pear trees all over the state in places where they must eventually be removed. Callery pears are extremely invasive. They do not improve with age; in fact, they can split apart in a wind storm and damage your cars.

We encourage you to consider replacing the tree with a suitable flowering tree that is much better behaved. For example, consider Halesia tetraptera, Carolina Silverbell, or Parrotia persica, Persian parrotia. You might also consider Cornus kousa, Chinese dogwood.