I make salamis in a USDA inspected plant in Landover. Although I spray the...

Asked December 18, 2013, 12:35 PM EST

I make salamis in a USDA inspected plant in Landover. Although I spray the salamis with pencillium nalgiovense spores, some of the salamis develop molds that are not white. Some molds are yellow, some are light charcoal gray, and some are white but fuzzy. Can you tell me how to identify molds that are safe and those that are not?

Prince George's County Maryland

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You ask a difficult question - without actually seeing product.

Maybe your USDA facility inspector can be of assistance?

The USDA inspector does not have expertise in mold on salamis. May I bring you or another expert some samples or send you some photos?

We could try that - however - I am not the expert and would be serving as a middle person between your concerns and a specialist.

I suggest a different but similar route: below are listed two credible meat processing and food safety specialists in this geographic area. Contacting one or both will likely get a better result.

Penn State Extension
Catherine N. Cutter Ph.D.
Professor of Food Science
Food Safety Extension Specialist - Muscle Foods
Chair of the Food Safety Impact Group

Cornell The Northeast Center for Food Entrepreneurship
Food Research Lab
630 W. North Street
Geneva, NY 14456
(315) 787-2273