PUD guidelines

Asked December 17, 2013, 5:12 PM EST

MY local township board has approved a PUD that blatantly goes against the Master Plan, the criteria for a PUD as well LARGE resident opposition. They WERE informed of all of the above and as far as public opposition, there was a petition turned in with over 130 signatures opposing this. Is there anything residents can do to fight this re-zoning? please help !!!! and thank you

Oakland County Michigan

1 Response

You may want to review section 125.3402 of the 2006 Zoning Enabling Act. This section may or may not apply to your situation, depending on how your community approves PUDs. This section discusses the petition process per state enabling legislation. Also, once approved, you may want to challenge the decision that the PUD is consistent with the code. Legal council may be needed and that council should be familiar with land use law. Also, check your code to see if you can take the issue to the ZBA to challenge the interpretation that the approved PUD is consistent with your code. In most cases PUDs are challenged in circuit court.