40 Acres in Van Zandt County

Asked December 15, 2013, 10:47 PM EST

My wife and I are looking at buying 40 acres in Van Zandt county. We have family in the area and will have access to tractors and trailors, etc. The land we are currently looking at is heavily wooded with a creek, two wells and at least two tanks. We know that clearing the land will be needed. We would like to get into livestock on a small starter scale and are looking for suggestions on where to start. I'm thinking goats, possibly for fiber. What makes sense and who do we talk to? Any help is very appreciated.

Van Zandt County Texas

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I don't have much experience or knowledge on goats for fiber. I can however help you with Soil fertility (through soil analysis, lime and fertilizer recommendations).

If you were interested in meat type goats, we can help you with that - in the area of possibly locating breeders, health management practices, etc.

You can email me directly at: