Meadow Foxtail grass for horses?

Asked December 11, 2013, 12:53 PM EST

I feed pure orchard grass to my horses. This year my delivery came in with lots of alfalfa mixed in and my horses cannot have alfalfa. I cannot find any local sources for grass hay and have been offered Meadow Foxtail. I haven't heard of that and the info on the internet is confusing. It sounds like there are various kinds of foxtail and reviews vary from OK to feed horses and cattle to absolutely not as it causes mouth ulcers and bleeding from the heads on the stems. Is this a viable grass for horses to eat?Thank You.


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The firm answer to this is...Absolutely Not! The foxtail does cause mouth ulcers that cna vary from lightly irritable, to so sever the infection could cause death. I would not risk any harm to your horses if I were use.

eXtension/horses has some learning lessons on pasture management and horse hay that give more detail why foxtail should not be used. If you want more information I suggest referring to these.