Possible to reprocess jam?

Asked December 10, 2013, 1:50 PM EST

Last summer I made raspberry jam which has wonderful flavor but is way too seedy. Is it possible for me to remove it from the jars, strain out some of the seeds and reprocess it safely? If it is, how hot do I need the new mixture to be before I do so (run it through a water bath)?

Benton County Oregon

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Yes, reprocess the jam after removing seeds. I can only find information about reprocessing jam and jelly after adding pectin or acid to make the jam thicker, but I would recommed that you bring the mixture to a boil, put it into your hot, sterile jars and process it 5 minutes to assure a good seal. You could also freeze the jam if you do not want to heat it any more.
Janice Gregg
Extension Faculty

Thank you so much! As I said the jam has wonderful flavor, and I hated the thought of it going to waste.