Bed Bugs

Asked December 8, 2013, 10:21 PM EST

We have found bed bugs in one bedroom. The mattress was thrown out, bedroom is being cleaned out. We are not finding them in the clothes which we have put in the hot dryer for 20 minutes. We will sweep out and vacuum the room. Might you be able to suggest a method to wash the room down?

Monmouth County New Jersey

1 Response

Bed bugs are not know to transmit disease, so you can use whatever you normally use to clean. You might, however, want to put the clothes back in the dryer. Because the eggs can be more difficult to kill, 30-45 minutes on high heat is recommended.You may also want to consider finding a local pest control professional trained in bed bug control that has a bed bug sniffing dog to run through the house and make sure you have gotten all of them.