Coyote Killings in Colorado

Asked December 6, 2013, 6:17 PM EST

A coyote killed our Basenji mixed rescue dog the Wed before Thanksgiving.
We live in Westminster, Colorado.
Upon warning my neighbors, I learned of another dog that was killed in recent weeks. And spotted in yet another neighbor's back yard. Easily clearing 6 foot fences. (Had to clear two 6 footers to get to our dog.) Killed in early evening and we never left him out over night or fed him outside.
We have lived in ear shot of coyote for 22 years and this is the first time they or it is going for dogs. Our dog was a strong dog but no match for a coyote. Whom do I contact to have this aberrant coyote trapped? Westminster Animal Control isn't interested until it goes for a child (in daylight) like the dog killing one in Broomfield.

Jefferson County Colorado

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I am sorry to hear about your dog and the neighbor's. Contact the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife. They are the ones to talk to about wildlife issues. Their contact information is:

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Headquarters
1313 Sherman Street, Suite 618
Denver, Colorado 80203
(303) 866-3437 (M-F 8am-5pm MST)

Administrative Offices
6060 Broadway
Denver, Colorado, 80216

Main Customer Service (303) 297-1192 (M-F 8am-5pm MST)

I am including the URL to a fact sheet about coyotes. Did the coyote go over the fence or did it find a way under? They may be able to climb or jump over. After looking over the fact sheet on coyotes, if you have more questions, please get in touch. (Coyotes)

Good Luck,

Marvin Reynolds