Invasive species disposal

Asked December 5, 2013, 10:49 PM EST

What is a correct way to dispose of common buckthorn and garlic mustard. We are an 167 acre condominium with a sizable amount of woodlands and lakes. Hoping to begin a project to take back the amount of our woodlands that have been overtaken by these invasive species.

Chairman—Grounds Committee

Wayne County Michigan invasive species

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It would be great if you could organize a group to help eradicate the invasives. I would recommend the mechanical method, but you need to repeat the process a number of times. Eventually, the plants will die. Persistence is the key. The sites below will give you a number of suggestions as to how to organize a group to eradicate different invasive plants. Common Buckthorn: There are many different methods to invasives removal and not all work with each species of invasive plant or each circumstance – for example a controlled burn is not generally possible in an urban environment, or mowing may not be possible on a steep bank. Leaders should be trained in invasive plant removal methods and there should be enough leaders to effectively oversee volunteers.,4570,7-153-10370_59996_61470-277506--,00.html Garlic Mustard: The best time to pull it is when it is young, Make sure you don’t just break it off and pull up the root and all. Place the pulled plants into a plastic bag immediately so no roots or early seeds drop to the ground. Never drop the pulled plants to the ground and leave them to collect later. Pulled plants are still capable of producing seeds and the plant can easily replant itself. Michigan requires you to dispose of the garbage bag of plants immediately off your property to a landfill. Never place garlic mustard plants into a compost pile where they will seed easily. I have included a couple of websites that should be of interest to you. You can see there are some garlic pulls already scheduled. Hope this was helpful. Good luck in taking care of these invasive creatures!Feel free to contact us again if you have further questions.