Is this Rose Rosette?

Asked December 4, 2013, 4:59 PM EST

Attached is a photo of one of 4 roses I have that are growing strangely. At first I thought it might be herbicide drift but it seems to fit the Rosette description I found on the internet and I've never seen it before. Is there anything I can do to save the plants or should I rip the infected plants out immediately before the other 26 plants get infected? Thanks, Rick Holcomb

Outside United States

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This does not look like the typical rose rosette symptom that we see in the MidSouth U.S. Infected roses here, typically have more compact, bunchy growth with numerous stems. However, the color of the canes and leaves and abnormal leaf shape and size does look like a virus disease. Plants do not generally recover from virus diseases. I would remove the affected plant. Could you reply with the name (type) of rose and your location? I'm attaching some images of rose rosette here in Tennessee on Knockout rose. Alan