Plant Tissue Analalyis Results

Asked December 4, 2013, 3:24 AM EST

Since you do Crop Testing and Tissue ANL. All the time...

My Question is which Crop Plants Have the highest percentage of N-P-K?
I would Guess Soybeans have the most Nitrogen over other crop plants am I correct?

I Am asking Because after I get a Soil Test done,... I was planning to grow the crop that has the most of what I need the most of in its tissue ANL.... Then shred them and bury them in my garden for a green manure.... I Figure doing what nature does anyway right in my garden can't hurt right??? LOL.... No Fertilizer neccessary!!! LOL

So How does it Go?
Soybean = Highest Nitrogen in Tissue ANL???
Corn = Highest Phospherus???
Wheat = Most Potassium Content??? Is this correct???

Can you Provide me a List like this For My Organic Garden From all your test results???

Genesee County Michigan crops soil and fertility issues

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If there is such a listing, it isn't readily available on the MSU website. You may find some helpful information with some of the sidebar tools at this site:

Here's another:

Good luck!