Best and easiest way to Automate Selenium IDE scripts

Asked November 27, 2013, 9:21 AM EST

I hope I can get some help, because I have been searching around the Internet for quite some time now and cannot find a solution.

I have recorded a system trough Selenium scripts. They are saved one bye one in a PHP format. Now I need to automate them in some kind of way so that I just click Start, and they run one after the other.

Outside United States

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This question has been bouncing around the country and among a number of Extension computing professionals in the last two weeks, and I'm afraid that within the national Cooperative Extension Service, we don't have enough expertise to address your question about automating a set of Selenium scripts.

Some of the resources that looked promising to me were the Selenium Webdriver API (and here is a blog post that mentions integration of the API into the IDE:

I also saw a few good things about a follow-up to the IDE called Selenium Builder that might have some additional functionality.

You've probably already found these resources as well, but in case they are helpful, I wanted to share what I found by looking around for a bit. After two weeks, you've probably already found the answer to your question. If you have, we'd love a follow-up from you if you'd like to share share your newfound expertise with us in Extension and with anyone coming to Extension through search. If you haven't yet, Stackoverflow is probably by far the best place to go for this question. I personally have been involved at Stackoverflow, but nowhere near as much as I and my colleagues should be. It's a great resource.

Please let us know how things resolved. Our sincere apologies for the long delay in getting back to you.