Advice on how to prune this seed geranium?

Asked November 23, 2013, 4:58 PM EST

It's been growing for over a year. I never really did anything but pluck dead leaves/flowers occasionally. I realize now, I should have pruned it back along the actual stem/stalk more regularly (I know next to nothing about plants). But all the websites I can find assume you haven't let it get this out of control. See the pictures. Please let me know how to prune back this seed geranium so I don't kill it, but the stalks aren't growing up the window and falling over (or is that good?). Thanks!

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Your geranium is a sun-loving plant that looks like it is growing in inadequate light so it is lanky and flowers poorly. You may wish to move the original plant to a southern or western window where it will receive more sunlight. The sun’s light intensity will be even less during the winter so many plants go dormant during the winter. They need to be kept dryer than in the summer so water it only when needed. Cut the plant back to about one-third its original height.

Make stem cutting with the top of the plant. Geranium stem cuttings should be about four inches long. Remove the leaves on the bottom two inches of the cutting. Stick the cuttings in coarse sand, perlite, vermiculite or a well drained potting soil. Cuttings will root faster if you dip the ends in rooting hormone powder. Stick the cuttings two inches deep in the medium and water thoroughly. Place in a north or east window or underneath artificial lights until rooted. This generally takes three to four weeks.

Another way to save parts of it is to take cuttings and stick those in a jar of water through the winter. Change the water periodically and clip off any rotting plant tissue.