Ground ivy in pasture fields

Asked November 23, 2013, 3:34 PM EST

I have a problem with ground ivy (gill over the ground) in my pasture. I know it can be toxic. I would like to spray it. Is November too late in northwest ohio to spray? If so, how early in the spring should I spray? And, what should I use? I know 2-4-D should work but will also kill the clover. Would I be better to hire it sprayed than trying to hand spray (I have about an acre to treat).

Wyandot County Ohio

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Ground ivy can be difficult to control in turf but should be easier in a pasture setting. Any product you use to manage the Ground ivy will impact other desirable broadleaf plants. At 1 acre it may be large for a hand sprayer but it is small for a tractor mounted or self propelled sprayer. Is fall a good time - probably the best for control. But are we too late - maybe. I would suggest waiting until we thaw out, so the weed is actively growing. It can be still this year but may be rather burned off at this point. The weed can also be controlled in the spring, but with somewhat less success.
This turf fact sheet from Michigan State may held:
And here is a link to our Ohio Weed Control Guide - double check under the Pasture & Hay section for products that work well on broadleaf weeds in pasture, starts on page 146. There you will also find 2,4-D and dicamba recommended - both cited in the Michigan paper. There are other choices too - check the entire product range before making a choice. You might also ask who does spraying in the area and ask them what they may be willing to spray. We are spraying corn stubble going to next years soybeans with 2,4-D and dicamba combinations.