non gmo vegetable seed

Asked November 23, 2013, 2:04 PM EST

where can I buy quality non gmo vegetable seed?

Benton County Oregon fruits and vegetables vegetables

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There are very few vegetable seeds that are genetically modified. The reasons are complex but are mainly due to the fact the GMO seeds have to go through an expensive review process. Most vegetable seeds are targeted a niche markets and would never cover the cost of that review much less the cost that would have been expended to transform/modify them. Almost all the GM seeds are soybeans, field (not sweet) corn, cotton, and canola varieties. There are a lot of hybrid vegetable seeds but this breeding technique has been around for 90+ years on a commercial level and involves standard crossing techniques and are not to be confused with GM crops. To the best of my understanding there are no GM vegetable seeds available to the home gardener so any seed company like Nichols, Territorial, Burpee, Park, Johnny's, etc. could sell you the seeds that you want. Feel free to call me at 503 397-3462 if you still have questions. Chip Bubl, OSU Extension Agent