Do bees polish brood cells with propolis?

Asked November 22, 2013, 3:53 AM EST

Do bees polish brood cells with propolis?

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Bees use propolis to close up and seal any crack creavaces or small voids around the hive. It is not used to coat the inside of cells.

Thanks for the answer
In Denmark we have a debat concerning honney- quality. Is honney from brood-cells versus honney from newly drawn combs different in taste and color?
Do you have any Scientific references I can use in our debat?

interesting question…I have no science-backed date to to give you the answere you looking for.

In my experiences, Honey that is collected from the same source at the same time has no different taste regardless of what type of comb it comes out of. I have extracted honey from newly drawn comb along side of honey taken from the old darker comb and from different hives in the same location and found no difference in color or taste.

your resluts may vary