Asked November 21, 2013, 9:12 PM EST

I live in a Rural Residential zoned area. Intent says...for orderly low-density residential growth, Continued Agricultural use, and other compatible uses which typically occupy large open areas. The standards in this district are intended to assure that permitted uses peacefully co-exist in a very low-density setting, while preserving the rural-like features and character of certain portions of the Township. It goes on, but it does not pertain to my question. Mt. Morris says that it is only a residential area and not agricultural. And therefor I must get a land use permit to have horses, because the township says I don't fall under RTFA, because it's not zoned agricultural! But my property doesn't meet their set back requirements, because my property is long and narrow. I just moved to this property, but I did not move far. I moved one property over and I was fine there with the horses. I am the only person, I know of that has horses zoned the same as I am that is being asked to do this! In order for me to fall under the RTFA it must be zoned agricultural. I have my GAAMP. And it will cost me $1000.00 just to get TRY to get the Land Use Permit. So would you read that I am zoned agricultural or not?

Genesee County Michigan

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Right to Farm Act protection requires a farm operation, producing a farm product, for commercial intent. It is not based on underlying zoning of a parcel.

Rural residential zoning may have dimensional standards for the keeping of animals that are not commercial in intent.

The intent section is intended to explain the standards within the ordinance. If the zoning map shows your parcel to be rural residential it falls under the standards of rural residential. If a property is zoned rural residential, to change the zoning requires a legislative act by the township.