What kind of Squirrel is this?

Asked November 21, 2013, 1:38 PM EST

I am hoping someone can help me identify this squirrel.

Mesa County Colorado

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Your pictures are about as large of a fox squirrel as I have seen. They can grow to be 27 inches long with the tail being 7 to 13 inches. They are also the largest squirrel in the USA. The other squirrels in the USA that are a similar color have a white underside.

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We havea few large trees around us, but he lives under the 50 year old juniper bush, and I am pretty sure he lives underground. He never goes up into the big trees. That little tree is about 10 feet high and is the highest that I have seen him. Could he be a rock squirrel ? I think the picutres might be a little deceptive as to his size. I would guess his body is about 12-15 inches long.

I stand corrected. Yes, it is a rock squirrel. Since it was in a tree I assumed it was a normal environment. I expanded my review to ground squirrels and yours matches a rock squirrel better than a Fox. The facial features are a better match. The coat color can be similar as both species can vary their coat color.

Thank you for getting back with more information. If you are looking for identification, you did a good job yourself. If you want information on their life cycle or need to remove the squirrel look at the fact sheet below.


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Marvin Reynolds

I ask all of this because I read that they might be inclined to be egg eaters. I know he has made himself fat on a diet of poultry feed! I dont mind sharing if he poses no risk to the hens or the eggs! Bubonic Plague is also a concern in our area. He is living 20 feet from the house and 20 feet from the chicken coop. I have tried to live trap him and relocate him..but he must really like it here!

With lots of food and security he will make himself at home. Watch for broken eggs. If you find them, it may be the rock squirrel. I doubt he will bother the chickens. Plague is always a concern around rodents and fleas I think.

If you want to trap and relocate the squirrel. Put out some lettuce where hopefully he will be the first to get it. Put some out in the morning and evening. Try to keep it fairly fresh. Do this until he is used to eating it, 3-4 days likely. Have the trap set out with lettuce in it, but latched so the door won't close. Have some lettuce outside the trap and some just inside. After the lettuce inside is eaten move it farther inside. Then once the lettuce is being eaten regularly, release the door so it can close. That may catch your squirrel.

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Thanks...I think a new home is in his future!

I agree that is best, good luck.