frozen turkey

Asked November 17, 2013, 5:53 PM EST

I have a frozen turkey from last year (2012). Is it ok to use it this year?

Berks County Pennsylvania food safety

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While it is safe to eat (provided it had remained frozen throughout storage), there may be a loss in quality. From the website (, they suggest a 1 year maximum storage time, and this is based upon quality.
As items are stored frozen for long periods of time, they will lose quality, much of this is through moisture loss and oxidation of the fats in the meat. Much of this depends on the actual storage temperatures (0 degree F and better if lower), the amount of time the freezer is defrosted or the doors are open, and the type of packaging.
Evaluate the bird for freezer burn or drying at the surface. If not too extensive, these areas can be cut away.