Rates on leasing farmland in Pennsylvania

Asked November 14, 2013, 12:38 AM EST

I work with a burgeoning farm in Champion, PA that is interested in leasing parcels of land. What is an appropriate rate for said acreage? Much appreciated!

Fayette County Pennsylvania farm management cropland leasing

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Farm land rent is a demand driven market. Available land only has value if someone wants to rent it. So, if there are several farmers all seeking additional acreage the rent may be higher than if available acres only have one potential renter. Larger tracts of land tend to rent for more than small fields. The condition and quality of the soil is also a consideration. There is no standard we can refer you to for guidance. As an example - in my area good farmland rents for $0 - $180 per acre per year. Some that is near large animal farms is higher (these folks need acres to spread their manure).

Perhaps the below article and hotlink to a fact sheet can be of some assistance --