Wintercreeper found above Nitro, WV

Asked November 13, 2013, 3:28 PM EST

Wintercreeper is an invasive plant. Apparently it hasn't been reported in WV yet.
However, I have found a number of large ones just over the hill. Now what? How are these things reported and verified?

I cannot hear, so please don't suggest I call anyone. I'm a hiker, so please don't have me driving somewhere far off. :)

I suppose you would want to go for a general answer for any noxious weed that shows up in a new area.

Thank you.

Kanawha County West Virginia

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Thanks for writing in to report your sighting of 'wintercreeper' (Euonymus fortunei). I am especially excited to hear you are a hiker who notices their surroundings.

Wintercreeper is located in most states east of the Mississippi River, and in Ontario. I am assuming you do the Internet since you contacted the eXtension website. Check out this link: The USDA -APHIS website is a great place to keep up with invasives.

To report invasives here are some suggestions:
1) Contact, and go to its EDRR (Early Detection and Rapid Response), page. Visit the EDDMapS page,, to report something. There are some great smart phone apps, if you have one, on the EDDMapS page

2) Contact your county Extension office
3) Contact DNR,
3) Contact the Mid-Atlantic Invasive Plant Council (MAIPC),,

You can do this without needing to hear. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me. I am part of the fight against invasives in Alabama. Blessings.