My Rosemary Is Sick

Asked November 12, 2013, 4:48 PM EST

Please help me with my rosemary. It is three years old and potted with good drainage. The rosemary is exposed to full sun for more than six hours a day. I water every three days or when the rosemary gets dry. I am located in Santiago, Chile.

Outside United States

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I need to ask a few more questions. Is this plant indoors or out? From the photos, it appears to be putting on newer growth that looks more healthy, whereas the older leaves seem to be in decline. Rosemary is a very high-light-intensity plant and requires very warm weather. Temperatures much below the mid-sixties could be an issue.

Watering every three days seems very frequent for a plant that likes it more on the dry side. Of course how often you water depends on so many factors. The more information you can give me, the better I will be able to assist.

The plant is outdoors. Santiago, Chile, has a mild climate. At this moment, the plant looks dead.

Here in the United States in Kansas, we have clay-type soils that don't drain well. The major issue with rosemary is wet soil conditions that lead to root rot, which results in the entire planting dying pretty much at the same time. Could that be possible?

I made sure to make a soil mix with excellent drainage.

I think you have me stumped at this point. If the entire plant died pretty much at the same time, then I would say this is an issue related to the root system.