Adenium obesum losing leaves

Asked November 12, 2013, 2:42 PM EST

I have an Adenium obesum plant, and the leaves are turning yellow and falling off. I only water the plant once a week. I was told that this is normal for this time of year for the plant. Is this true?? I live in Florida zone 10.

St. Lucie County Florida houseplants

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This is normal for cold winter months, according to information in the publication Florida Foliage House Plant Care: Adenium obesum:

"During cold winter months, withhold water from Adenium and let the plant rest for 3-4 months. All leaves and flowers will drop, but that is part of their natural cycle. DO NOT let them freeze. When temperatures warm again in spring, water and fertilize Adenium. Flowers and foliage will reappear."

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