Sources for Vinca 'Cora' Seeds

Asked November 12, 2013, 8:31 AM EST

I'm looking for a seed company that sells all of the color varieties of Vinca 'Cora'. I've read that at least one of the Cora colors is now available as an "improved" variety, but I haven't seen it for sale anywhere. Park Seed doesn't seem to carry as many colors as it used to, and I've found a few seed companies that carry one or two colors of Cora, but I can't find a source that carries all of the available colors. Do you know of such a source?

Brazoria County Texas

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If you will send me your contact information, I will have one of our master gardener volunteers try to assist you in your search. Please reply back to this with your name and phone number or e-mail, or send it to my e-mail at and I will have them contact you. Have a good day.

Thank you for your assistance. Here is my contact information --

Tammy Locke