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Asked November 8, 2013, 5:12 PM EST

I have just recently purchased a house in Corvallis, OR. The previous owners did a lot of gardening, many plants and trees. During the couple of months since our first visit, it's started to get wet, and I've noticed many mushrooms popping up all around the property (which has no lawn, only plants and trees and scrubs, etc). 1. Is this an indication of some problem, or just normal for Oregon? 2. Should I ... a. Leave them alone b. Pick them into the yard debris container c. Spray them with something d. Other? Anything else I should know about mushrooms?

Benton County Oregon mushrooms

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Mushrooms are entirely normal. They’re similar to plants in that they grow when conditions of temperature are favorable. Right now, they seem particularly numerous.
Sometimes mushrooms indicate that dead organic matter, say a dead root, is buried. Other times they might be mycorrhizae – a favorable association of a fungus with live plant roots.

Management is as simple as collecting and discarding them. You can add them to the yard debris or to a compost pile.