Ficus Trees in Winter

Asked November 8, 2013, 11:38 AM EST

I have three ficus trees. For the past twenty years, I have moved them from outside to inside the house during the winter. But the trees are large and heavy. I am unable to move them. I do have a three season sun room - unheated. Is it possible to keep them in there, perhaps covered with burlap and mulching the soil to retain the heat? The temperature in the sun room is approximately a few degrees warmer than that of the outside air temperature. It is warmer, of course, when the sun is shining. I could probably run an electric heater in there a couple of hours a day or a few hours at night. But the heat would dissipate in several hours. Would this keep them sufficiently warm? If not, do you know anyway to keep them warm in the winter without bringing them inside the house but leaving them in a garage or three season sun room? Any advice would be helpful.

Montgomery County Pennsylvania

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Thanks for using the Ask an Expert System. The best information I could find matching your location and requirements is from Organic Gardening Magazine. You can read the article at the following web site.