Attempting to grow tomatoes in Thailand

Asked November 7, 2013, 11:02 PM EST

Why do tomato plant leaves turn yellow and wilt? Virus? Pests? Fungus? We're trying to grow big tomatoes in Thailand. Small ones do well; large ones don't seem to do well. Will try Rutgers - they are strong [VFN], not so big, but bigger than indigenous Thai tomatoes. I have Rutgers seeds which package says they are determinant, but other packs say indeterminant. Different strains? Do temperatures have to fall below a certain level for the plant flowers to set fruit? Some plants have little leaves, as shown in photos. sunny most days. highs from 88-92, nights 68-72 the last week to 10 days. moderate to low humidity Any other advice?

Arlington County Outside United States

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There are numerous reasons for them to turn yellow and wilt. Check to see if you can match symptoms. Too much water will also affect them, but from the look of the plants I don't think that is the problem. Most problems are soil borne so you must mulch with something to keep the soil from splashing onto the leaves. Yes, there are many, many varieties. Yes, they will not set fruit if temperatures stay too warm, but they also have problems with cold temperatures by not ripening on the vines. You might also get a soil test since the incorrect pH can give you the small leaves. Remember it takes time for your plants to respond to changes.