I have what some folks call "sewer flies". I've had my drains...

Asked November 7, 2013, 7:59 PM EST

I have what some folks call "sewer flies". I've had my drains "snaked" and poured bleach down all drains. But they're still around. They look like a cross between a fruit fly and a gnat. I haven't done anything different before they showed up, so I'm puzzled as to what I should do next. I have to watch my cooking, because they cling to the rims of things. Please please please tell me how to get rid of them.

Hennepin County Minnesota

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I don't know exactly what they are but they could be phorid flies. I would try putting some cider vinegar with a little dish soap in it in a small dish on the counter and change it every couple of days until they are gone. They are attracted to the vinegar and the soap makes them stick and unable to get out of the mixture. Sticky traps would also help as well as the suggestion is this link with the bowl and tape over your drain.
Make sure that you look everywhere for something that they could be coming from such as something spoiled or decaying.
If you use an insecticide, as a last resort, make sure that you read and follow all label directions and use extreme care around food prep areas!
Good luck!